Restless Promo Photoshoot

Restless Promo Photoshoot 2

This is our latest promo photoshooting for our album “Restless”. After a lot of searching we discovered an abandoned railway station and its surounding area were most of the photos were taken. The pictures were shot and processed by Irini Michopoulou, a good friend and artist that helped us carry out this process and has our ultimate respect. One of these photos is also used by Travis Smith in the artwork layout.

Acoustic Live Photos

Acoustic Live Photos 1

These pictures were taken during our live acoustic show, which took place in an amazing furniture factory outside of Athens. This special show could not be done without the help of all our really cool friends who did everything, from carrying equipment to holding video cameras. We played acoustic versions of four of our songs: “Behind Those Walls”, “Golden Cage”, “Headtrip” (House on Fire) and “The Fake” (Restless). Make sure you check our live acoustic show on the video section of our page.

European Tour 2010

European Tour 2010 photo 6

These picture were taken during our European Tour with American progressive metal legends Shadow Gallery, in  October 2010. This is the most incredible touring experience we have ever had. Apart from being outstanding musicians, Shadow Gallery are the coolest band ever. They treated us with respect and true friendship and the tour couldnt be any better. Here are the tour dates and places we visited:

2/10/10: ProgPower Europe festival, Netherlands
3/10/10: London, England
4/10/10: Paris, France
6/10/10: Milan, Italy
8/10/10: Thessaloniki, Greece
9/10/10: Larissa, Greece
10/10/10: Athens, Greece
14/10/10: Bratislava, Slovakia
16/10/10: Essen, Germany
17/10/10: Vosselaar, Belgium