- METAL HAMMER (GREECE) 8/10 October ’12/Issue 334

“ Maplerun’s Restless did not surprise me. Restless convinced me… that we are dealing with a hard working band that aims at endurance and is not ephemeral. Mastered by Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound) and artwork done by Travis Smith: for a Greek self released album this is not an achievement but a statement…. One step heavier, darker and more metal than their previous album, Restless has a lot to say and not only to fans of modern American alternative metal/rock. A complete album with character and essence”


“ An interesting combination of nu-metal, modern and alternative rock, implemented at its best – presented to the listener with a lot of feeling…The formation around the very charismatic front man Nick who´s gifted with a great voice, creates the balance between a pleasant kind of hardness and easy listening…
The title track named “Restless” could surely pass even the most critical jury. A rocking masterpiece without equal. Other bands could really take a leaf out of their book…
Conclusion: It doesn´t always need to be “superhard” to be pleasant! “Maplerun”- are for me the best Greek export when it comes to music.”



“ Restless is an album that combines various music styles, with influences from Nickelback, Soundgarden, Marilyn Manson to Slipknot and System of a Down… Everytime you listen to it you discover new things… A band that has made a great progress with its second album and shows the guts to embrace diverse influences without making it sound out of place… I believe that  “Restless” can help Maplerun to sign with a descent record label and get the appropriate popularity that they deserve abroad “